Saturday, May 7, 2011

Minecraft Exploring - Let's Play! Episode 2 - I Suck At This Game

I really suck at this game.

3 Landmarks Thus Far

In this video, I make 2 new landmarks, very very easy to find. Good luck to those who are going to try and find it. I recommend watching this in HD on youtube, and subscribing, but as long as you watch it, I'm happy.


  1. Awesome video! I like minecraft :D

  2. it took me ages to get the hang of minecraft, just start of small and work your way up. :)

  3. Haha nobody can suck at Minecraft! I liked the video though.

  4. @BluRayBoy
    I was being completely retarded the first 2 minutes of the video.

    "Press E to get in boat"


  5. nice video, don't worry you're not alone at sucking at minecraft I am too :P