Saturday, May 7, 2011

Minecraft Exploring - Let's Play! Episode 2 - I Suck At This Game

I really suck at this game.

3 Landmarks Thus Far

In this video, I make 2 new landmarks, very very easy to find. Good luck to those who are going to try and find it. I recommend watching this in HD on youtube, and subscribing, but as long as you watch it, I'm happy.

Friday, May 6, 2011

This New Map Thing Looks Nice

Posted by Notch on April 27, 2011 (Super late right?), Notch blogged about what his plans were for Beta 1.6. He said they were going to "mostly be bug fixes". That's a good thing, I mean look how long the freking bug list is, I mean jeez.

But alongside those bug fixes are two new features. One is the addition of an officio Nether world inside SMP servers. (Confirmed in his blog post on May 2, 2011). But the other thing an ingame map. It's a craftable item (Paper + ???) that allows you to zoom in and out to display the land around you. The map auto fills out as you explore. If you go outside the edge of the map, it will stop updating, causing you to make another. Now for screenshots.

Fully Zoomed In

Fully Zoomed Out

You can drop your map in SMP and another player can pick it up, seeing your progress. Apparently theres a limit to 65,536 per map, but that doesn't seem like a problem.

Keep in mind this is basically a re-blog of Notchs blog post, posted in a shortened version. Find his blog here, at

Minecraft Exploring - Let's Play! Episode 1

My first video in my Minecraft Exploring Let's Play! The special challenge is announced in the video, the game reward being any price! The second video is on my channel, but I'll put it up on this blog tomorrow. The voice quality sucks, but I'm going to get better better headphones soon. Feel free to recommend any headphones!

PS: It's raining outside my house
PSS: It's been doing that for like 10 days straight.

New Blog!

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